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selected Publications

G Kumaran & S Michaeli

Eating the messenger (RNA): autophagy shapes the cellular RNA landscape (2021)

Journal of Experimental Botany, 72 (20), Pages 6803–6807

Y Kazachkova, I Zemach, S Panda, S Bocobza, A Vainer, I Rogachev, et al.,

The GORKY glycoalkaloid transporter is indispensable for preventing tomato bitterness (2021)

Nature Plants 7 (4), 468-480 2021


J Wu, S Michaeli, L Picchianti, Y Dagdas, G Galili, H Peled-Zehavi

ATI1 (ATG8-interacting protein 1) and ATI2 define a plant starvation-induced reticulophagy pathway and serve as MSBP1/MAPR5 cargo receptors (2021)

Autophagy, 17 (11), 3375-3388

S Michaeli, M Clavel, E Lechner, C Viotti, J Wu, M Dubois, T Hacquard, et al.,

The viral F-box protein P0 induces an ER-derived autophagy degradation pathway for the clearance of membrane-bound AGO1 (2019)

PNAS 116 (45), 22872-22883


M Clavel, S Michaeli, P Genschik

Autophagy: a double-edged sword to fight plant viruses (2017)

Trends in Plant Science 22 (8), 646-648


S Michaeli, G Galili, P Genschik, AR Fernie, T Avin-Wittenberg

Autophagy in plants–what's new on the menu? (2016)

Trends in Plant Science 21 (2), 134-144


S Michaeli & H Fromm

Closing the loop on the GABA shunt in plants: are GABA metabolism and signaling entwined? (2015)

Frontiers in plant science 6, 419

Q Xie, S Michaeli, H Peled-Zehavi, G Galili

Chloroplast degradation: one organelle, multiple degradation pathways (2015)

Trends in plant science 20 (5), 264-265


S Michaeli, A Honig, H Levanony, H Peled-Zehavi, G Galili

Arabidopsis ATG8-INTERACTING PROTEIN1 is involved in autophagy-dependent vesicular trafficking of plastid proteins to the vacuole (2014)

Plant Cell 26 (10), 4084-4101


S Michaeli, A Fait, K Lagor, A Nunes‐Nesi, N Grillich, A Yellin, D Bar, et al.,

A mitochondrial GABA permease connects the GABA shunt and the TCA cycle, and is essential for normal carbon metabolism (2011)

The Plant Journal 67 (3), 485-498

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